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Sunday, 30 October 2016

BH cosmetics 120 eyeshadow palette 1st edition - Review

Hi all,

Firstly I want to say two things:

1. Sorry for not posting this week. My anxiety and depression have been really bad. Whenever I came to write a blog post, I either couldn't concentrate or I would doubt myself.
2. The photos that accompany this blog post are AWFUL I know, they are only temporary until I get some batteries and a new SD card for my camera.

Okay, on with the blog post...

Today I am reviewing one of my favourite palettes for you. The bh Cosmetics 120 palette 1st Edition. (Woah, that's a mouthful!)

There is a colour, shade and look for EVERYONE in this palette. There is such a huge variety of colours, From muted pastels like pale yellows and greens to bold colours like red and black which are seriously pigmented. At first, I went back and forth over my decision to get this palette as I thought, I am never going to use all these colours! But it's good to have such a wide range of colours and such a versatile palette in your makeup collection. Like I said there is a look waiting to be created inside this palette for everyone, every holiday, fancy dress party and vacation etc.

I also love that the palette is fairly light weight and folds down flat, it's the perfect size to pop into your suitcase and take away with you. It is a very sturdy plastic box which clicks shut. The eyeshadows themselves are on two trays. One tray stacks on top of the other.

The eyeshadows themselves consist of mattes, pastels and shimmers. There are a few colours that really do need to be layered to show pigmentation and are a bit chalky but for the most part, this palette doesn't disappoint. I personally like the fact that there are paler shades that need layering and also super pigmented shades, it adds variety. I found most colours blended well too. I do recommend wearing the colours over a white eyeshadow base to get that ultimate pop of colour and for longer lasting wear. There is also a great shimmery eyeshadow that could double up as a highlight as well, which I have used when I wanted to add some sheen. This palette does include a medium sized mirror which is good and always a welcome bonus.

I think this palette would also be great if you were just starting to experiment with makeup, as you would be able to find what look best suits you, without buying loads of palettes and find your style among the large variety of colours. I thought back to when I was younger and did competitive dancing, this palette would have been a godsend as I could have created so many looks with this to match the crazy outfits I had to wear! So if you are in the entertainment industry this palette could be a great find for you. 

I did notice that a couple of colours such as the purples and pinks did stain my eyelids a little -even with an eyeshadow base, once I had removed the makeup. This personally doesn't bother me but it might bother some people.

The price is amazing for the sheer amount of eyeshadows and quality you get. I have left a link for you to buy one: Get yours HERE however, do look around as I have seen it even cheaper than that. (Just make sure you are getting a genuine palette!)

There are so many colours I've yet to try, but with Halloween, Christmas and New years eve fast approaching, I'm sure I will be able to create some bold and beautiful looks!

Do you have this palette? What's your favourite colour in it? Tell me below.

Love Roar Dinosaur! x
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Thursday, 20 October 2016

My 90's Nostalgia list!

Hi all,
I loved the 1990's and in the last couple of years, there has been a bit of a 90's revival, which I am so glad about, as I loved everything about it. I was an 80's baby, but all my childhood memories are from the 90's.
Here are 15 memories that made it to my 90's nostalgia list:
For those eagle-eyed Tamagotchi fans (I know they exist!) I know these aren't the original 90's Tamagotchi's!

1.) Tattoo chokers. Who didn't have one of these?! I remember all my friends had them in black and mine was in blue. I was a bit miffed by that! (I have one in black now!)

2.) Those colourful jelly bracelets. How we would pile them up our arms! The more you had the more playground respect you got. There were also the bracelets that had the liquid and glitter inside too, for some reason they fascinated me!

3.) All I need to say is: Did you wear Coffee Shimmer or Heather Shimmer? I wore Heather Shimmer. (It was my mums!)

4.) I loved how much more casual everyone looked. Makeup, hair and fashion were much simpler and I don't think people felt as pressured to look a certain way. Speaking of the fashion, I loved my Adidas trousers SO much, I remember being over the moon when my Parents bought me a black and a blue pair!

5.) I wholeheartedly believe Kids TV programs were Waaaay better in the 90's! I mean we had: Recess, SM:TV Live, Sabrina the teenage witch, The Moomins, Zzzap, Get your own back, Arthur, Fun House, Pokémon, Bernard's watch, Round the twist, Rugrats, Power Rangers, The Simpsons, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Hey Arnold and so much more! I remember watching the Royal Family too.

6.) The music: Oasis, Blur, The Verve, The Spice Girls, S Club 7, Hanson, Vengaboys, Destiny's child, No Doubt, Hole, Nirvana, Alanis Morissette...

7.)  Tamagotchis! I loved mine so much. I literally played with it until it fell apart. -Sad times!

8.) Pokémon! Not the new phone app Pokémon, but good old trading cards and Gameboy Pokémon!

9.) Simpler times: Although I love how far technology has come and I admit I'd be kind of lost if social media and the internet was taken away from me now, I am glad that I had a childhood without it! It seems like there were more children playing outside back them.

10.) I was happy all of the time. Life was great and I even loved school in the 90's, it was always fun. (However, I hated high school!)

11.) Huge brick-sized mobile phones! I remember my Dad got a new mobile phone and gave me his old one to play with, I took it into school and everyone was amazed!

12.) Gel pens. Again, like the bracelets, the more you had the more respect you got. I only had two I think...says it all really!

13.) Free Toys! You'd find them everywhere, in cereal, Happy Meals, crisps (Pogs!)

14.) Teen films like: Clueless, 10 things I hate about you, Never been kissed, American Pie, The Craft. I loved them all!
15.) Kids Toys (I know I have already named a few) Among my favourites were: My Power Ranger figures, Etch a Sketch, Pokémon figures, Barbie's, Sindy's, Beanie Babies, Yo Yo's, Trolls, Care Bears, My Little Pony, Polly Pockets, Pound Puppies, Slinkys and of course the Furby.
What did you love about the 90's? Tell me in the comments.
Love, Roar Dinosaur!
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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Rimmel London Sculpting Palette by Kate Review

Hi, Everyone!
Can you believe we're halfway through October already?! Crazy!
Today I am reviewing the Rimmel London Sculpting Palette by Kate. This was quite a hit and miss product for me. I have heard great things about it, but personally, I found it didn't totally live up to the hype. While I do like it, there was also quite a few things about it that I didn't like.
I love the look of the palette. It's aesthetically pleasing to look at. I like the fact you can see the shades through the packaging so you know exactly what you're getting. On the reverse side, there is a handy diagram which shows you where to apply the highlighter, contour and blush. Which I think is great if you aren't too sure.
I have the 002 Coral Glow palette. I have read some reviews that say that the reviewer found it very pigmented, but unfortunately for me it mostly wasn't. I found the highlighter very disappointing. I mean, I don't want it to look blinding or radioactive but I do want some pigment there! I had to go over the same area quite a lot of times. The contour, I found to be more like bronzer as it has bits of shimmer in it, I think I would have liked it more if it had been matte, but I can work with that a lot better than the highlighter. The blush I thought was the best thing about this palette. It's a very nice shade and I found it very pigmented. I think it suits my skin tone.
 Something else I didn't like was that my brushes would drag in the products either side of the powder I was using. so I would pick up highlighter and blush on my brush if I was using the contour! But that's just me being super picky!
I know it sounds like I don't like this palette, but I do. I know I will get some use out of it. When I don't want a super made up look and I want to be more 'natural' I will reach for this. I didn't dislike the Rimmel London Sculpting Palette, I just found it slightly disappointing, as I was so excited to use it!

Get yours Here 
Love, Roar Dinosaur!
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Monday, 10 October 2016

Honest Mental Health post

You wouldn't believe how many times I have tried to write this over the last few weeks. But today I am determined to get it posted.
I wanted to write about how depression and anxiety affect my life. I always planned for my blog to include posts about mental health, as well as makeup etc. I just find it difficult to talk about. I'll be honest the thought of publishing this post for you to read terrifies me, but I really think this subject should be discussed more openly. I think some of you might be surprised how many people suffer from mental health problems, but those people might not talk about it for fear of being judged.
I've had depression for the last 15 years. However, it's been more under control the last 9 years due to medication. My anxiety started 7 years ago but has been very bad for the last two. Both depression and anxiety impact EVERY aspect of my life. Today I wanted to briefly tell you about it.
Friends and going out:
I missed out on the whole going out partying with friends thing once I'd left education, as this was when my depression was at it's worst. I really did use to resent my depression for this, but not so much now. What I do resent is the fact that when I arrange to meet friends for a LONG overdue cuppa, I cancel about 3 times before finally meeting them. The truth is I HATE meeting them. I leave it as long as possible before agreeing to meet up with them, not because I don't love them, but because I hate leaving the house. My house is my safety blanket. The thought of leaving my house terrifies me. In fact as an example, the other day I cancelled meeting my friend because as I was getting ready I got that anxious at the thought of going out, I was sick. I only leave the house if I have too.
However, this year I have tried to go out more. My husband and Mum are my second safety blanket, I usually don't go any where without them. Yet this year I have really pushed myself to try and go to a few local crafting nights on my own. I enjoyed them but I act so awkward around everyone and once I get home I analyse every conversation I've had, wondering if people thought I was weird, it's just too exhausting to do regularly.
Sometimes I sit on my bed, look out of the window and watch the world go by, I feel like I am wasting my life hiding away. But it's so god damn stressful going outside.

I am blessed with the most understanding and caring Husband imaginable. He has a lot to put up with: I mostly sleep part of the day due to insomnia, I barely go out any where -which must be very boring for him. My medication has decreased my sex drive and made me put on a lot of weight. I have zero energy and don't always manage to do the chores as often as I'd like. I am unable to go out to work. I can be snappy and unaffectionate. I occasionally have major depressive episodes and this can cause me to be suicidal or hurt myself (this doesn't happen as often anymore, perhaps once a year.) Not to mention the OCDs. As you can see it's a barrel of laughs living with me! Yet he never grumbles. I am incredibly lucky, I know that. I feel so guilty that my mental health affects his life too.
I cannot go out to work, but I do work from home as an illustrator for a small publishing house. Illustrating books really boosted my confidence and made me feel like I had achieved something, as I used to think I never would, however, it has its bad points. Sometimes I cannot make myself do the work. Instead, I just worry myself sick about it. The pressure of deadlines is sometimes too great, it makes me ill. When I can't come up with a good enough illustration I literally hate myself for it. It makes me feel like a talentless freak who can't get anything right. Recently I had to have a chat with my boss about lightening my workload as it was just all getting on top of me.
So there you go. That is three areas of my life that my depression and anxiety affect the most. I plan on doing more posts discussing mental health in the future as otherwise, this post would become waaay too long. (It kind of already is, I'm sorry!) 
If you have written any blog posts about mental health, then I invite you to leave the link in the comments, so anyone reading this can find their way to them, as it might be of help.
Love, Roar Dinosaur!
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My First Month Blogging

Hi all,
It's been one month today since I plucked up the courage to hit that Publish button on my first post for this blog. I was so worried I would find the prospect of regular blogging stressful like I have in the past, instead, I have enjoyed it far more than I ever thought I would! Like I said in my first post, previously I hadn't actually read a lot of other beauty blogs, so I didn't know what to expect. I just knew I wanted to start a blog talking about makeup and life. I'd been wanting to do it for so long and I am glad I finally did.

Here are my thoughts for the first month of blogging:
1)There is a magazine!!
Twitter suggested Blogosphere to me and I was beyond excited to discover an actual blogging magazine. I asked my Husband to have a look for it the next time he went out. He came back with the last issue (Issue 9) which isn't actually the latest one, but I am so glad it was still in the shop as I have that issue and I've since gotten my hands on the new one too! I would say this is the best value for money magazine I have ever gotten. it is PACKED with tips, blogger profiles and articles. I am in love. It makes me want to be a better a blogger.
2)Twitter Chats.
I have taken part in quite a few blogging Twitter chats now and they have been fascinating, beneficial, hilarious and wonderful all rolled into one. I have discovered amazing bloggers through it and taking part is something I always look forward too. It's also nice to get to know the people behind the blogs.
There is a real sense of community in the blogging world. I haven't had the chance to make any firm friends yet -it's been a month, give me time! Some people tend to think all bloggers are the same, but that is simply not true, behind those blogs are real people with real lives, having real experiences. I've chatted with so may inspirational bloggers during Twitter chats, who want to make a difference through their blog. I am looking forward to getting to know everyone better.
4)Future Plans
This last month has been incredibly hard. My depression and anxiety have skyrocketed and I have had a lot of stress in my work life. However this blog has really helped me, it's been my companion, given me something to look forward too and it's been a creative outlet. It's a place that is just mine. Nothing is expected of me here, it's just me!

Looking to the future, I want to create better content, improve my punctuation and grammar (there is a reason I am terrible at it, I promise) Dig out my SLR and get to grips with it again, and to post more often. I'd also like to write posts about Mental Health as well. I have no expectations for this blog other than to have fun and make it better!
Thank you to my fellow bloggers who have been kind enough to welcome me into your community and make my month easier than it could have been.

Love, Roar Dinosaur!
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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmers Palette

                  Hi Everyone,

Today I was supposed to have a mental health blog post for you, however, it's proving very difficult to write, so sadly it won't be up today, I am sorry. I need a light hearted post to cheer me up, so today I am sharing my autumn eyeshadow palette pick with you instead.

After reviewing the Makeup Revolution lipsticks for my first proper blog post, I thought I would give my opinion on the Makeup Revolution Essential Shimmers Palette. This is my only MR eyeshadow palette so far, so I can't really compare it to any of their others.

The palette consists of 12 shadows, all shimmery as the palette name suggests! The shades are perfect for this time of year and this is what I am currently wearing to welcome in the Autumn. The shades look like Champagne, bronze, Autumn orange leaves, frosty mornings, hot chocolate and gold. I find that any lip colour compliments a bronze or smokey chocolate eye. You can create a lot of looks with this palette, from everyday wear to bold party looks. It comes with a double ended sponge eyeshadow applicator.

The swatch photos I took aren't very good but I hope you get the idea!

For the price, £4.00 they are very pigmented and easily blendable. I find the eyeshadow applies evenly and lasts all day. For best results, of course, wear over an eyeshadow primer so you get the true depth of colour which will last. I really like MR packaging, it is so sleek and classy. I would say Makeup Revolution is one of my favourite brands right now. For the price of their makeup, the quality is just amazing!

Now onto the downsides, which I had to really look for because I truly love this palette. The palette isn't huge, but it might be a bit big for some makeup bags to take out with you to top up your makeup throughout the day. But aren't most makeup palettes?! There is a little bit of fall out when applying I found, but not a crazy amount. And that's it!!

When I first got this palette (last year) MR didn't have as much choice in their range as they do now so when I looked today to find the link to put in this post, I got quite excited at the array of palettes they have on offer now. I am looking forward to buying more! Eeek!

Do you have any makeup by Makeup Revolution? If so, what's your fave?

Get your palette Here

Till next time, love, Roar Dinosaur! x
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