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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Judy Luxury Bracelet Review

   Hi Everyone!

Today I am reviewing a gorgeous bracelet from Judy Luxury. As some of you know I work for a fashion jewellery company and part of my job is keeping my eye out for the latest trends. I am also no stranger to designing and making my own jewellery, you could say I am a bit jewellery obsessed. I love how accessories can make an otherwise dull outfit something more special.

 I was a little worried when I took the bracelet out of its box as it looked quite small but thankfully it does fit my wider wrists which is good as sometimes bracelets can be a little small on me. You can adjust the size accordingly which I appreciate. My first impressions were that it was really pretty and quite different to anything else I own, and I own ALOT of jewellery!
Sometimes bracelets with charms annoy me a little as they can be heavy, get in the way and catch on your clothes. This bracelet doesn't though, it's very lightweight and comfortable to wear. At times I forgot I was wearing it.
I really enjoy the design of this bracelet, it reminds me a little of the Louis Vuitton print. I like that it mixes a dainty fine chain with chunky floating charms along the bracelet. The design includes a mixture of gold, silver and rose gold colours which means it would compliment any other jewellery you might wear with it. Although this bracelet would look equally beautiful worn alone and would make an ideal piece to wear on a night out teamed with a little black dress, but would also look great dressed down with jeans and a shirt. The fact it is such versatile piece makes it worth owning in my opinion.
You can get your own bracelet Here
This would make a special gift for someone if you are on a budget but still want to buy something pretty and different. Judy Luxury also sells Handbags, Jewellery, Wallets and Belts. There are some really beautiful pieces to suit all budgets. I highly recommend them!

* I was sent this bracelet in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
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Thursday, 7 December 2017

Morphe 3502 Second Nature Palette Review

My Husband bought me the Morphe 3502 Second Nature Palette for Christmas but decided to gift it to me early so I could photograph and review it here. He is great right? I think it's worth mentioning that he has just made his own blog Pizza and Chips Blog We've been busy setting it up since the summer and now he's ready to take the leap and upload his first blog post. Please give him a follow on social media and check out his blog.
Instagram: @pizzaandchipsblog Twitter: @pizzachipsblog

Ok, on with the review! This was my first Morphe palette, so I really didn't know what to expect. I'd heard rave reviews about this palette, but I have heard rave reviews about other products before and have been very disappointed when I've tried them out. But let's face it, the shades in this palette are right up my street so I kind of expected that I would love it! If you like warmer toned eyeshadows then this baby will have you swooning! With shade names like sizzle, ablaze, Fire, Terra Cotta and Toast you can imagine the sort of colours that grace this palette.
I have seen photos of the original 350 Morphe Palette and although it is beautiful, I definitely prefer the 3502. The 3502 introduces us to even warmer shades than in the previous palette and more variety of colour. The shades of the 3502 are a lot more rich, fiery and bold. For example, the shade Ruby is so bang on trend for this autumn/winter with red being the 'in' colour. It's shades like this that set it apart from other copper/brown palettes.

I won't lie, having to wait for good lighting in order to photograph the palette BEFORE I could swatch the colours was torture. When I finally did get to swatch them the pigmentation was immense! Although I know that you cant always rely on swatches to prove how pigmented an eyeshadow is going to be once applied, I am pleased to say that when it came to applying the shadows to my eyes the colours really were as popping as when I swatched them. But would they blend well and did they last?

Sorry about the quality of these swatch photos but I didn't want to edit them, I wanted to show you them as photographed, completely natural. They were taken next to a window in natural lighting.

I personally found the quality of these shadows as good as my Juvia's place Nubian palette, my most expensive palette. They are very creamy and like I mentioned before, incredibly pigmented. My favourite shades are Pure, Bronzie, Heat, Ruby, Polished, Stone and Whiz. I was happy to find a black 'Whiz' nestled in the palette, as this is something I do use and it's truly black, not a washy, patchy grey trying to black. I am pleased to say that both the mattes and shimmers in this palette are as pigmented as each other, as sometimes in palettes one is better quality than the other. Something I found was that a little goes a long way, so it's probably best to use a light hand and build up your look rather than apply too much and have to start over. They blend beautifully and lasted all day, even after I'd been at work they still looked nice.
The price of the Morphe 3502 is £23.00 (Which equates to mere pence per shade) with free postage from Beauty Bay It is incredible value for money, considering the quality and amount of shadows you get. Unfortunately, there was no mirror included in the palette. I always like it when brands include mirrors, but given the price, that can be forgiven this time! I like the simple black slimline packaging. This would be the perfect palette to take on holiday in your suitcase as it would take up next to no room among your clothes and bits 'n' bobs!

I highly recommend the Morphe 3502 Second Nature Palette. I know I am going to get a lot of use out of it. It's my perfect warm toned palette.

Do you own this palette? What do you think of it?

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Sunday, 19 November 2017

How to know when your makeup is past its best!

It's likely that you already know how to check for this, but just in case you don't I decided to write this post because I didn't know, so I figured there must be other people who don't too!

When I was sorting through some old makeup recently I realised that I had quite a few lip-glosses and lipsticks that I'd had for years, but they still had plenty of product in them. Were they ok to use? I knew there was a way of telling when your makeup expires, but I think I was looking for an actual expiry date printed on the back like with food! I embarked on a little research, well, just a google search actually and I am happy to say I finally know!

We've all used makeup that is old and has definitely 'gone off,' for a lot of us the first makeup we ever used was our mother's old eyeshadow that we kept for about 10 years! Don't get me wrong, your 10 year old eyeshadow isn't going to kill you, but makeup will harbour bacteria over time and it won't perform as well as it is intended too. So, If you think about it we should really take more notice of when our makeup is passed it's best. For example, lipgloss and liquid lipsticks are applied to our mouth using the applicator and then the wand is put back into the bottle. After time your products are bound to have a lot of bacteria growing inside them. Yuck!

We all know to replace our mascara after a few months, but how long should we use our foundation or face powder before replacing that? This is where the PAO symbol comes in useful, the PAO symbol which stands for Period-after-opening tells you the recommended time you should use your makeup by after you first open it. The symbol is usually on the back of the packaging and is pictured as an open cosmetics pot with a number inside followed by an 'M', so, if it is recommended that you use your foundation within 12 months after you've first opened it, it will appear as 12M inside the open pot symbol. If you didn't already know this then once you realise what this symbol means you won't believe that you didn't before!

I've included some photos I took of the PAO symbol on the back of two makeup products I own. I've tried to blur out the rest of the writing so it's just the symbol in focus:

If you use a diary or have a calendar it might be worth making a note of when you open a new product and write down when you need to replace it. For example, I just bought a few new foundations to test out and review, so I am going to write down in my 2018 diary when they need replacing. Would I use them after this date? Yes, probably for a few months, if there was a lot of product left. But I now know makeup doesn't last forever and shouldn't be kept for years!
Do/Will you take any notice of the PAO symbol?
 Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Boutique of Molly Moscow Wallet Review

A new season calls for a new wallet, so when Boutique of Molly asked me if I wanted to review one of their items I knew I wanted a wallet. I knew exactly which one I wanted too!

The Moscow wallet really caught my eye as it matched the Boutique of Molly Cairo bag I reviewed earlier in the year Here The Moscow wallet is a great and affordable dupe of the Louis Vuitton Zippy Organiser. It's larger size also means it can be used as a clutch as well as being a wallet. The stylish, sophisticated design means that it would be the perfect accessory for a night out. I think this design would complement any outfit really well.

It has two zipped compartments which are nice and spacious. There's lots of room for cards, coins, notes and lots more. The zip is very sturdy, secure and of good quality.
The gold hardware suits the design perfectly, I love the detail of the cut out hearts on the zips, I think it adds a really subtle fun touch. It came with a little strap included which can be attached if needed for extra security. I used it as a clutch and believe it or not I fit my iPhone, a mini Jeffree Star liquid lipstick, a little mirror and my key inside. Plus my money and cards in the other compartment.
I highly recommend this gorgeous online store, I've been a happy customer both times I have shopped here. You can shop for clothes and accessories from Boutique of Molly Here
* I was given a percentage off my order from Boutique of Molly in exchange for an honest review.
Have you tried any of Boutique of Molly's clothes or accessories? If so let me know in the comments below.

Love Roar Dinosaur!
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A haul for my dog!

If you have a dog you know that they are truly amazing! They make it their purpose in life to cheer you up and are your constant companions through the good times and the bad. A dog will love you no matter what, even when you're ill and gross lying about sneezing in your PJ's. They'll never judge you, their love is unconditional. There have been times my depression has been bad and I've been at an all-time low and my dog really has been the only thing to make me smile, she's my world.

I've wanted to write a blog post including my dog Coco for ages as she's such a huge part of my life! She's so important to me and as someone who may not be able to have children, she is my baby. She recently had some new things and I thought I would show you her little haul in a post in case any of you with dogs might be interested in what she had.


Disclaimer: I know that this divides a lot of people but there can be benefits to putting a nice soft jumper on your dog if they let you that is. If they struggle or seem distressed, I highly recommend removing it straight away.
Left to right: Skull Jumper: Pets at home, Snowman jumper: B&M, Fox jumper: Pets at home, Rudolph jumper: B&M
Jumpers can be a good idea for a number of reasons, Coco is a little Chihuahua and she really feels the sudden change in temperature at this time of year so a  jumper warms her up in the morning before the heating goes on or if she's outside in the cold. She suffers from quite sensitive skin and when she was a puppy it would itch, the vet recommended a nice soft jumper to stop her scratching herself and now she's older she still seems happy to wear them.

Dog jumpers can be really expensive, in fact, I have a couple of tops that are cheaper than some of coco's jumpers! I recently found out that B&M sell dog jumpers for about £3.99 which is a lot cheaper than pets at home whose jumpers are often around £10. The Snowman and Rudolph jumpers above were from B&M and the quality is exactly the same as Pets and Home jumpers (Skull and fox) but for more than half the price!
* Pure Pet Food

I was very kindly sent this food for Coco to try. Pure Pet Food is dehydrated and freeze-dried which preserves the fresh and raw ingredients in their recipes. This removes the moisture from the food which preserves it. The food retains all it's goodness and you simply add warm water, stir well and wait 10-15 mins for the food to rehydrate.
All the meals are made from 100% fresh human grade food, which makes me so happy to know my dog isn't eating rubbish. I know exactly what's in here and that there are zero nasties! It's even made at Pure Pet Food's own human grade food facility based in Yorkshire. Coco was sent Chunky Chicken food to try. The ingredients are chicken breasts, eggs, parsnips, carrots, sweet potato, coconut, and spinach. All super yummy and healthy for your dog. 
The founders of Pure Pet Food and childhood friends Dan and Mat questioned why you would feed your pet ingredients that you wouldn't eat yourself. Surely our pets deserve a varied and high-quality diet just like we do! In 2012 they made their first batches of their dehydrated food and let family and friends pets try them, they went down a storm and the demand grew. Pure Pet Food later won the Pet Product Innovation of the Year award in 2013. They've since gone from strength to strength. I love the idea behind this food, but would Coco like it?
The food was very easy to 'make' it even comes with a little free scoop inside to measure how much food you need. The easy to follow guide on the back of the box told me that according to Coco's weight she would need 1-2 scoops with 1-3 scoops of warm water. After mixing I left the food to stand for 10 mins. By this time Coco had realised I was making her some new food and was eagerly wagging her tail. She thoroughly enjoyed her new food and gave a very lady like belch after finishing. She didn't get a poorly stomach and seemed very happy with her Pure Pet Food. 
Something I noticed is this food didn't have that foul 'dog food smell' that turns your stomach when you feed your dog at 6am.The box is really small which is great if you haven't got the space for massive bags of dog food or tins. A 500g box makes the equivalent of 2kg fresh food. It's really easy to make for your dog and it's great to know exactly what is in their food.
Please note: I slowly introduced this food to her existing diet over the course of a week which is recommended when changing your dog's food so this doesn't upset their tummy! Gradually add more to their existing food, building it up before fully transitioning.
Win a month's supply of Pure Pet Food for your dog!!
Their freeze dried recipes are packed with superfood ingredients such as spinach, coconut and sweet potato!
To enter simply come over to my twitter (request to follow) and post a photo of your dog in the comments of the pinned twitter post.  I will select a winner by using Rafflecopter and tomorrow (1st Nov) I will announce the winner on Twitter. 
This is a UK only competition.
You can also take advantage of 40% off the starter pack offer. Here

Animologys Hip, Joint and flex tablets and Tropiclean Tooth Foam:
Both of the above are form pets at home

My dog has never liked having her teeth brushed. In fact, it distressed her so much we stopped trying. But the vet told us that it was really important to clean them and he explained there are lots of products out there that will clean your dog's teeth without putting them through the distress of brushing. Although brushing is probably best you can get wipes, drops to go in their drinking water and foam to help keep them clean. I bought her the foam as she loves the taste. Just spray the foam onto the teeth on both sides of the mouth.
Coco has had this foam before and actually gets excited about having it, we do this every day and although I know brushing her teeth would be best it's good to know that at least we are doing something to look after her teeth!
Hip, Joint & flex Capsules: Now that my dog is nearing 7 I am conscious of the fact she's getting older and I want to make sure that we look after her as much as possible, so I got these capsules for her hips and joints. She hasn't tried them yet so I can't comment on how good they are or recommend them to you. If your dog won't take them whole you can break them apart and sprinkle over food or water, which is probably what we'll have to do as Coco is a diva with tablets and capsules!
You get 60 capsules in the bottle and it cost £12 which I think is good value for money (if they work!)
Bowl and Toy
These were just a bit of fun. The bowl is actually a children's one and was just £1 I got it because it's nice and deep so I don't have to worry about her running out of water during the night and the cake toy was also £1, she's had two of these toys before and for some reason loves them! Although I know she'll chew off the flower decoration as soon as I give it to her!
I'd love to hear about your dogs below and don't forget our Twitter competition! 
Item/s marked with a * were sent to me in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Thursday, 26 October 2017

My Review of the Soph X Makeup Revolution Palettes

I've been watching Soph's Youtube channel, SophDoesNails for ages now and I always really value her opinion on makeup, she's very honest and I have bought makeup she has recommended before and I haven't been disappointed! Soph's channel has gone from strength to strength, yet she has remained down to earth and never gotten big headed, so it made me very happy to see her announce that she had collaborated with Makeup Revolution (whom I also love) to create her own eyeshadow and highlighter palettes. I love a bold, warm eyeshadow look similar to Soph so I was excited to see if her palette would include the types of shades she is well known for wearing.

In her video unveiling her palettes, soph went through the story of how the collaboration came about, why she included the shades that she did and the very personal shade names, for example, 'cuppa tea' is named after her mother who loves tea. And the watercolour background on the eyeshadow box Soph designed herself. I love how personal this collaboration is and how much input Soph evidently had.
My thoughts on the Eyeshadow palette:

 The outside of the palette is a cream colour with gold writing, nice and simple. It is matte and feels nice quality. Inside you get a lovely big mirror which made me so happy, it annoys me when a mirror isn't included in an eyeshadow palette. There is a clear sheet with all the shade names on, which would be useful if you were creating a tutorial and needed the names for reference. I also like to keep these sheets in place when I close palettes to stop the eyeshadow going on the mirror!

I am so glad Soph included a white and a black. I often wear black eyeshadow so I was happy to see it among the other shades. Something I was previously lacking in my makeup collection was transition shades and the Soph palette has them in abundance -yay! There are 24 eyeshadows, 14 matte, and 10 shimmers. I think there is such a fantastic selection of colours, this palette is so versatile! You could create so many looks, from really simple daytime looks for work or school to bold creative glam looks for a night out.

I love how many bronze and red shades there are because I wear them a lot. But I also like that there are a few shades that I don't already own such  as 'Pine Tree' 'Petrol' and 'Berries' I am excited to try these out and create some new looks! The shadows are very pigmented and blend really well. I also found them really long lasting, they lasted all day and into the evening. I think it's also worth mentioning both palettes are Vegan, Cruelty-Free and Gluten Free
I haven't included swatches because the lighting isn't currently great in my house due to the time of year and the photos I took weren't the greatest! However, you can see swatches on Sophs Youtube channel: SophDoesNails
The price of this eyeshadow palette is £10.00 which I think is a bargain.
My thoughts on the Highlighter palette:

Again the packaging is a cream colour with gold writing. This time the lid is see through and you can see the gorgeous shades inside. From watching Soph's videos I can tell you, she is the highlighter queen, so I knew that this palette would deliver. I am very pale so I can only wear half the shades but I use the others as eyeshadows which work really well.

I love that there are so many shades in this palette. I can imagine that the darker shades would work well on deeper skin tones. There are 3 pressed highlighters and 5 baked highlighters. They feel lovely and soft and not gritty at all. They are buildable as well, which is good for those who don't always want a blinding highlight. (However, if you do you can very easily achieve that!)

The price of the highlighter palette is only £8.00 so that's just £1 per highlighter!
I highly recommend these palettes. These have proved very popular and have sold out a few times. At the time of writing they are available on Tam beauty and in Superdrug stores.

Buy the Makeup Revolution Soph Eyeshadow palette Here
Buy the Makeup Revolution Soph Highlighter Palette Here

Do you own these already? What do you think of them? Tell me below!
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Friday, 20 October 2017

Jeffree Star Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick Nude Collection Review

When I saw the Youtube video Here of Jeffree Star revealing his new Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick collection I knew it was something I would want. As a nude lipstick lover, I felt like this collection was made for me! But alas, I knew that by the time I had enough money to buy it, it would most likely be sold out. 
So, imagine my surprise on the day the collection launched when my Husband told me he'd bought it me for Christmas, but he was going to give it me as soon as it arrived so I could review it on my blog! Husband goals right?! How lucky am I?

The shades included are Skin Tight, Mannequin, Celebrity Skin, Posh Spice, Rose Matter, Gemini, Leo and Androgyny. The only shade that doesn't suit me is Skin Tight, however, this lighter colour can be used in the centre of your lip over a darker shade then blended out to create an ombre look. Also, Jeffree Stars liquid lipsticks are safe to use on the eyes so you can also use them as eye makeup too. (They are also vegan and cruelty-free!)
There were a couple of shades that I have always wanted to try but assumed they wouldn't suit me. I probably wouldn't have bought Posh Spice or Leo, but it turns out I love them! However, I would never have tried them unless they were included in a collection like this. I wouldn't have risked buying a full sized and therefore full priced shade only for it not to suit me. But thanks to this set I have tried some shades I would never have tried otherwise. 
Jeffree Star Cosmetics liquid lipsticks are by far my favourite formula of liquid lipstick that I have tried. They are easy to apply, which is often a problem I have with liquid lipsticks. I end up with it looking uneven or weird but not with these! They are not too drying either which is also something I have a problem with as someone who hates having dry lips! And they are long lasting and have a nice smell that isn't overpowering. 

Ok, onto the cost. Full-size versions of these liquid lipsticks cost £16 each on beauty bay, Jeffree Star mentions in his video that these minis consist of just under half the formula that would be in a full size. So I worked it out that these nudes are probably worth about £8 each so for 8 mini liquid lipsticks they are probably worth around £64 however, the actual price of the whole collection is £45, so the price is well worth it in my opinion.
I absolutely love this collection and will definitely be buying more of my fave shades when these run out. The fact they're mini makes them the perfect size to chuck in your bag, clutch or even wallet. I highly recommend this set. I also really love the box, it's a nice quality and I'll definitely be reusing it to hold all my nude lips or something once I've used all the minis.
Unfortunately, At the time of writing this, the Mini Nudes are currently not on Beauty Bay. But keep an eye out in case they come back Here
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Monday, 16 October 2017

Out Of The Woods Book Review

* As some of you who regularly read my blog know, I suffer from depression and anxiety and have done since childhood. I have shared a few posts about it on this blog and plan on sharing more in future. It can be difficult discussing something so personal that for some reason still holds so much stigma, so when someone does discuss it, I have so much admiration for them. Brent Williams new book is brave, unique and very much needed.

Brent begins by detailing his initial feelings of helplessness, hacking his way through the heart of a dark, overgrown and overbearing forest, trying to find his way out to freedom again. Brent really nailed the descriptions of what it feels like to have depression and anxiety. As I initially flipped through it on arrival I found myself nodding along and agreeing with what he had written. I related to it so much. 


I don't normally enjoy graphic novels, but this one really appealed to me because of the subject matter. Within a couple of pages I was totally hooked. I've included some photos of the pages as I wanted to show you how amazing these illustrations truly are. As an illustrator myself, I can only imagine taking on the huge task of hand drawing and painting 700 illustrations. Korkut Oztekin's work is so moving, expressive and perfectly compliments Brent's words. I recommend checking out Oztekin's other work.

 I don't want to spoil the book for you by revealing too much of what happens, but I will say you go on a real journey with Brent in this book. At times I wanted to cry, not only for the unfairness of his story but for the unfairness for all of us who suffer from mental illness. It made me think about my own journey and how far I've come and how far left there still is too climb. 

Not only would Out Of The Woods appeal to book lovers but also to those who struggle with big blocks of text, it can be hard to focus on heavy going books when you are suffering from depression, sometimes you just can't concentrate. Something else that I think is great about this book is that it could be read by both older and younger audiences. I discovered I had depression at a very young age and I think this book would have really helped me understand and explore the feelings I was having as opposed to some of the heavy going books I read at the time.
As well as being the perfect book for those suffering, it would also be great for friends and family to borrow or buy to better understand the feelings and actions of having a mental illness. The images almost make the words sink in better. 

 I highly recommend this book if you are suffering from a mental illness or just want to clue yourself up. It's a beautifully designed hardback book and is an interesting, deeply personal, fresh take on the usual books about depression. I feel very lucky to have been given the chance to review this for my blog and I shall treasure the copy that was sent to me. 
Out Of The Woods is out now! You can buy yourself a copy Here

* This book was kindly sent to me to review. All opinions in this post are my own!

Love Roar Dinosaur!

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