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Friday, 31 March 2017

Mr Lee's Cup Noodles - A healthy & delicious quick lunch!

It's lunchtime and you want something super quick, tasty, filling and naughty but healthy! It's so easy to just grab a packet of crisps and a chocolate bar and get back to work, but what if you could have something filling and hot in 3 minutes that is low in saturated fats, gluten free, Coeliac UK certified, low in sugar & salt, low in calories and there's nothing artificial...Well, Mr Lee's Noodles gives you just that, and all this doesn't compromise on taste at all!
When I was younger I used to eat pot noodles on the regular, but as I got older and started eating more healthily I stopped eating them, but I did miss the flavour and quickness. In my opinion, Mr Lee's Cup Noodles are tastier than pot noodles and of course, they're much healthier.

Mr Lee's Noodles has 6 mouth watering gourmet cup noodles to choose from:
    Shaolin Monk Vegetables (Vegetarian)
    Dragon Fire Mushroom (Vegetarian and Hot)
    Warrior Fighting Shrimp (Hot)
    Hong Kong Street Beef (Mild)
    Penang Chicken Curry Laksa (Medium)
    Tai Chi Chicken
There is an option for everybody here. Mr Lee uses natural flavourings like lime peel and honey and the ingredients are freeze-dried, meaning they lock in goodness and freshness. The noodles are made in Vietnam and then everything is packaged in the UK.
My favourite flavour was: Hong Kong Street Beef and my Husbands was: Penang Chicken Curry Laksa. We were shocked to find that the meat in our noodles was real, it was tender and tasted amazing! The vegetables were crunchy and the noodles were plentiful and the perfect consistency. The portions are generous and we both felt full after eating them. These noodles are seriously tasty! We were so surprised how delicious they were, it just goes to show you don't need all those artificial ingredients to make something taste good!
(I've photographed these in bowls as I think you can see all the ingredients better this way)
Penang Chicken Curry Laksa

Hong Kong Street Beef
For even more flavour Mr Lee's Noodles recommends adding tamari soy sauce or chilli/sesame oil and make sure you give those noodles a good stir because the flavourings are at the bottom.
I really recommend these for lunch, and you don't have to feel guilty about eating them either!
You can get these yummy cup noodles Here
*I was sent these noodles in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
*This review is from my own opnion so make sure you check all ingredients for any possible allergies before buying
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Stop comparing yourself to others!

Hi Everyone,
When I was younger I used to be a terror for comparing myself to others. If I had a talent then I would compare what I was good at to someone else who was equally as good or better than me. Instead of agonising over it, that time would have been better spent focusing on refining my skills and enjoying myself. Similarly, I'd open a magazine and see women with thin figures and wish so much that I could look like that, meanwhile, my own figure was getting bigger and bigger. Instead, I should have closed the magazine and accepted myself for who I was or exercised to achieve my own goal.

Nothing positive can ever come from comparing yourself to someone else. Healthy competition is ok but fixating on it is not healthy. It's so easy in today's media obsessed world to compare ourselves to others. The 'perfect' figure or someone living out your dream job is a mere click away online, it's so easy to obsess over. 
Here are some things to remember the next time you start comparing your talents or life to someone else's:

Focus on yourself and how far you've come. We've all been on a journey and had to overcome hurdles. Don't solely focus on your imperfections, instead remember how amazing and strong you actually are to get to this point in your life. No one else could live your life but you! 

The person you are comparing yourself too might be going through something awful and might not have the perfect life you think they do.

Have you explored why you are having these feelings? Try journaling and write down why you feel this way. There could be a deep rooted reason that you might not be expecting. Working through that may help you to feel better about the situation.

Your wasting time that could be better spent on something else! comparing yourself to someone else can make you bitter and resentful. Life is so quick and precious, don't waste it putting yourself down and wishing you were someone else.

Realise that everyone on the planet is different and unique. We all have our own quirks, talents and imperfections and that's beautiful. It might sound corny but it's so true. There is no one else the same as you.

The only person you need to compare yourself too is you! How can you be a better person? Refine that talent? Possibly earn more money? Get healthier? Beat your personal best? Instead of comparing yourself to someone else, focus that energy on yourself in a positive way.

This might sound harsh but remember how lucky you are. The things you take for granted on the daily someone else is wishing they had right now! So yes, you might not be rich like that actress on TV, but your richer than millions of other people on the planet.

Be prepared to work. This doesn't apply to everyone but sometimes we think 'why can't that be me' and we have a little moan to ourselves, but we aren't prepared to take the steps and do the hard work to achieve that thing that we want. If you want what you deem as the perfect job, work for it! You can achieve it if you put the work in, don't put it off or make excuses, go for it!

So although it's easier said than done, we all catch ourselves comparing every now and then, the above steps are worth keeping in mind. Just remember to try and direct that energy into yourself instead of wishing you were someone else.

Love Roar Dinosaur!

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Book Review: Come on Up to the House

Come On Up To The House by Dane Cobain.

I don't normally read fiction that falls under the horror genre as I am an absolute wimp! But I actually enjoyed this book. It made an interesting change to the usual book format that I read as the book is split into two. The first half is a novella and the original screenplay is at the back. It's very easy to imagine this being made into a film, although I probably wouldn't watch it on account of me being a wimp, as previously mentioned!

The novella only took me around 2 hours to read so this would make it the perfect book to take on a train/plane journey. Although I stupidly read it before bed!

I was instantly pulled into this story. I liked how descriptive Dane was as it made it seem even more real. The book is fast paced which I enjoyed as really slow books can make me zone out!

I've never read a book like this before. This isn't your typical horror ghost story as the entity, James,  isn't a ghost as such, he's pure evil. The house itself seems to lie under a veil of pure evil as well and anybody who lives there will be cursed by it and suffer tragedy, the cycle keeps repeating itself with each family who lives there. It's easy to imagine that perhaps the evil lurking there is growing with each family who moves in.

The prologue focuses on the minutes before James commits suicide. We briefly visit each of his family members throughout the house and there is a sense of tension and misery that has been building up to this moment.
In chapter one we meet the Jerseys who are in the process of moving into James' old home. They discover that the previous occupants were in a great hurry to leave as they have left much of their belongings behind. A neighbour tries to warn the Jerseys of the evil in their new home but they ignore him. James makes his presence known to the family more or less straight away focusing his main attention on Darren the teenage boy who has moved into James' old bedroom.

As the story moves along Darren, who was previously a normal, caring son and brother, becomes cold, mean and begins to take on James' characteristics. The two of them begin to work together which ends in tragedy for the whole family, resulting in an interesting plot twist that I didn't see coming. You get the feeling this family, or what's left of them, will never be the same again!

Whether you like horror or not I think this is worth reading as I can pretty much guarantee you'll have never read anything like it before!

You can get your copy Here or Here

*I was kindly sent this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Collagen+ Beauty Milk Review

I've been trying these delicious drinks from The Protein Drinks Co. for a couple of weeks now so I could review them for you.
'Collagen+ Beauty Milk is truly unique collagen beauty drink enriched with essential vitamins, potent antioxidants and hunger-fighting protein! Enjoy at breakfast or in between meals as a versatile, healthy snack. Consume daily for visible results.' -From the website

There are so many benefits to drinking these. It feels good to know my body is getting lots of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, protein and collagen all in one go. Also, as someone who hates the taste of Green Tea, I'm glad that this drink contains natural Green Tea extract so that if I miss a cup I know I am still getting some of the benefits of Green Tea in this Beauty Milk. This clever drink contains Hydrolysed Collagen which works from within instead of on the surface of the skin like when you use a cream.

The Collagen+ Beauty Milk comes in a 200ml bottle, so if you're often too busy for breakfast then you could take it out on the go, so no excuses! I found that if I drank mine for breakfast then it did suppress my appetite and I lasted longer than normal till lunch. Or I would drink it later in the afternoon as a little snack.
If you're on a diet like me, then not too worry as there are only 112 calories and it tastes like strawberry milkshake so you feel like you're getting a naughty chilled treat, but it's not naughty!
I've been drinking the Collagen+ Beauty Milk combined with using the Moringa Oil I wrote about Here and I found they really did help clear up the few spots I had on my chin and my skin feels plumper than it did before. It's a great all round drink, as somebody who often feels very low in energy I do feel like I've had a little more since drinking these.

Not only can you buy these Here but you can also buy from Holland & Barrett and Tesco.
* I was kindly sent these drinks to review, but all my opinions are honest and my own.
** I am writing this review from my own experiences, make sure you check the ingredients to make sure you're not allergic to anything before buying.
Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Lets talk periods...

Let's face it, periods can be a real pain in the ass... or ovaries. As someone who suffers from PCOS I don't actually get mine regularly, but when I do they are really heavy and painful, the following are some things that help me cope a little better, so I thought I'd put them into a post and share them with you. None of these tips will change your life but they might make that time of the month that little bit easier!
My number one piece of advice is to look after yourself when you have your period. Be kind and don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself, as you are likely to be really sensitive.
Being Prepared
Even though our periods are (supposed) to visit monthly, they still sometimes manage to catch us unaware. So it's wise to keep a little bag, (a large makeup bag will do) aside for that time. You can keep sanitary towels/tampons, spare underwear, disposable bags and painkillers here then just move it from handbag to handbag. That way you are always prepared.
* Disposing the Right Way
Don't flush your sanitary towel, panty liners and tampons down the toilet. They can block your toilet and no one wants to explain that to dyno-rod! It's best to use disposable bags to dispose of your pads/tampons. Although when out in public it can be really embarrassing to be rustling about with nappy bags in a toilet cubicle as the WHOLE toilet knows what you're doing. Now, although that doesn't personally bother me, I know that it does bother a lot of people. I really recommend Fab Little Bags these thin, opaque and discreet bags, make very little sound when you use them. Just hold open with one hand whilst dropping in your tampon or rolled up sanitary towel. They are made from 35% organic material and by not flushing you are keeping your sanitary products out of the sea and rivers. I was sent a Fab Little Bag starter pack to test out. This included a bathroom pack of 20 bags and a handbag pack which includes 5 bags. You can refill the handbag pack so its perfect for on the go.
Put a dark towel down when you sleep or use dark sheets that way if you have any leaks through the night it won't noticeably stain your sheets. It also won't be as embarrassing if you share a bed with someone.
Tight Shorts or leggings under trousers can help if you are prone to heavy periods and get any leakage as there are more layers in between your trousers. It also helps keep your underwear and therefore your pads in place.
Wearing dark comfy underwear specifically set aside for your period is a good idea as it doesn't matter if it stains.
Feeling Fresh
Although soap and shower gel is known for not being PH friendly for that area, You can buy wash, wipes and deodorant specifically for your intimate area such as Femfresh, it will help you feel fresh when you are on your period.
Placing something warm over where you have cramps can help alleviate the discomfort a little.  There are smaller sized hot water bottles that would be small enough to take out with you in your bag then you can apply heat when you travel to work and during the day. Plus if your place of work has a kettle you can add more hot water to it throughout the day. Having a small hot water bottle makes it more discreet

Helping Others
Can you imagine being homeless or not having enough funds to buy sanitary products? It must be awful, but you can help! A quick Google search found lots of links to sites where you can do this like The Homeless Period. Here is the link for The Homeless Period and please do some research and look into other places you can donate too. Often a lot of us think we can't afford to donate, but supermarket own brands are extremely cheap making it affordable for most of us to help!
Try Something New
Not having much luck with what you regularly use each month? Or have you been using the same products forever because that's what you've always used? Have you looked into and tried all the options available? towels, tampons, cloth towels, sponge, mooncup, the pill... Find what works for you.
Find a Balance of Health and Comfort

There are two camps when it comes to food and periods, either those that claim junk food helps their cramps or those that find eating super healthily helps. Do what you find works best for you? I do recommend some green veg though as it helps with iron levels and drinking lots of water can also help too.

I really hope some of these help you :)
* Fab Little Bag sent me their product to review but all opinions are honest and my own.

Love Roar Dinosaur!

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Friday, 24 March 2017

Turning Into Your Mother Book Review

'Have you Ever: Opened your mouth and heard your mother come out?
Wondered whether a bunch of flowers and breakfast in bed once a year really makes up for those 37 hours your Mum spent in St Agnes' Maternity Ward?
Voiced a heartfelt opinion on the weather?
If so, the Mills & Boon Modern Girl's Guide to Turning Into Your Mother is for you: a guide to the joys of motherhood - with a feminist twist.'
When I received this book to review, I thought I'd look at a couple of pages before putting it away to review the next day. A couple of pages turned into me sitting down and reading it cover to cover! Turning into your Mother is an absolutely hilarious book. It's written with such a dry and witty humour.
It's a quick and easy read but will have you laughing out loud! It offers A to Z tongue in cheek advice alongside vintage black and white photos. Although I am not a Mother yet, I can still appreciate the humour and sarcasm of this book.
This would make a great alternative present to the usual mothers day gifts, or it could accompany gifts you already have for your Mum. I fully intend on sitting with my Mum and Nan this Mothers day and reading out my favourite pages to them!
Mills and Boon, you've done it again! A great and entertaining read. You can get a copy

And to all you Mothers out there:

Happy Mothers Day!

*I was sent this book to review, but all opinions are 100% my own.

Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Wikaniko Moringa Oil Review

Hi Everyone!
Lately, my skin hasn't been great, I had dry patches on my forehead, neck and a couple of persistent painful spots on my chin. So when I was asked to review this product I jumped at the chance, especially when I read that Moringa oil is heralded as being a 'miracle oil'. After researching this oil through various websites and Youtube, I found that this is a deserving title as it has helped many people with skin complaints. So needless to say, I was very excited to try it out on myself.

The reason it's known as a miracle oil is because it has so many amazing properties and benefits. Mainly it's known for its great anti-aging benefits. I only have the odd line under my eyes so I can't really say how well it works as an anti-aging product yet, but check out the customer reviews here to see how much this has helped the appearance of people's skin. It keeps the skin toned and gives it more elasticity. The oil also has anti-inflammatory properties meaning it can help with spot outbreaks, acne or eczema. It can be used in your hair to either nourish or to clean and moisturise your scalp. You can use Moringa Oil on your face, hair, body, cuticles/nails, and feet. It's such a versatile product to have.

It's very easy to go on Ebay and find cheaper Moringa oil but it could be filled with all sorts of nasties that you are then putting onto your skin, Yuck! The Moringa oil I am reviewing for you today is farmed by Wikaniko in Spain. Only fresh organically grown green leaves are used in the products, meaning no horrible fertilisers or pesticides are used to grow the trees. The leaves are stripped from the stalks by hand, to ensure no contamination from machines, then they are air dried before being placed into a dehydrator to kill off any remaining pathogens before being turned into a powder by hand. Each batch of oil is analysed in an independent laboratory to check for quality.

I have been using 2 pumps of oil daily for two weeks and I have found my skin has improved quite dramatically. It looks plumper, smoother and more healthy. The oil doesn't have a strong smell and feels nice to apply. It isn't heavy and doesn't clog your pores. My face is quite oily anyway so I probably couldn't wear it during the day so I apply it to my face at night so it can do it's magic while I am asleep.

The dry areas on my face aren't anywhere near as bad and my neck isn't dry at all now. Whilst applying I gingerly also applied the oil over my cluster of angry spots, cringing and waiting for them to get worse but it actually had the opposite effect! My spots have shrunk, are drying out and aren't painful at all now. I also had a small burn on my hand from the oven and the day after it was very red and sore, I remembered the oil had anti-inflammatory properties in it and I smoothed a little over the burn, it soothed it straight way and it actually helped the appearance of it a lot!

I like that the oil is dispensed through a pump and not a pipette. I always make a mess using a pipette. The pump dispenses one drop of oil perfectly so you can control how much you use, meaning no waste!

The cost for a bottle of Wikaniko's Moringa Oil is £16.95 and the bottle contains 100ml of oil. If the price seems a little steep to you, think of it this way, you need 1 or 2 pumps of oil for your face so this bottle is going to last you a LONG time! Moringa oil also has a very long shelf life so don't worry about using it within a year. I couldn't believe how little of this product you need.
I highly recommend this oil, it actually works!

You can get your own bottle of this amazing oil HERE And if you use the code: MOR10 - this will give you 10% off your purchase (valid until the end of March).

* I was sent this product to review, but all opinions are entirely my own.

* I am writing about my own experience with this product, remember there are lots of different skin types. When buying any new product for the first time I recommend trying it out on a small patch of skin first for any allergies. 

Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Monday, 6 March 2017

My February faves!

Hi All,

How was your February? Mine wasn't great. The first half was alright, however, the second half was most certainly not! I've been really ill and on antibiotics. I've not been able to work either which has been so annoying! However, I am feeling a lot better now. Still not 100% but well enough to blog again!

Anyway today I am here to tell you about my February favourites.

First off is my Zara Convertible Bucket Bag. I saw this on my Instagram feed and knew instantly I had to have it! It's so gorgeous and will look perfect as we head into spring. It was only £19.99 as well. I've never had anything from Zara before but I am really happy with this purchase and will be back for more! The bag comes in different colours I think. I love that you can wear this 2 ways, it's so soft and cute! You can get yours Here.

I wanted to try a different contour colour as even though I still enjoy using my #BlushAndGlow contour palette by Collection and will continue to use it, it can look a bit orange on me at times. I decided to try the BarryM Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit for light to medium skin tones and so far I am really liking it, I am using a tiny bit of the darkest colour as I get more of the effect that I am after as opposed to orange. Available Here

I bought this MUA Lip Liner in Caramel Nougat as I struggle to apply liquid liner on its own and with a liner, it's so much easier. This is a very close colour to my NYX liquid lipstick in Push-Up which I reviewed Here I really like this lip liner, it comes with its own sharpener on the lid which is good. I do usually prefer the liners where you don't have to sharpen them and they just twist down but I like the consistency and its long lasting. Available Here.

* I reviewed these patches by Purple Sharks Here but I like them so much that I am popping them in this post too. I've read a few magazines recently that have mentioned patches for the spring so it might be worth investing in a few, and at £3 each how can you resist? Like I said in my review there is a patch for everyone on this site. You can customise any outfit or bag and make your outfit stand out and differ from the crowd. Also, the owner of Purple Sharks is really friendly. You can check out the whole range Here.

What did you enjoy last month?

* I was sent 2 patches from Purple Sharks in return for an honest review. But all opinions are my own.

Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Sunday, 5 March 2017

Boutique of Molly review & what's in my bag?

Hi Everyone!

There are so many types of Youtube videos that I love watching, and a good old What's in my bag? is up there as one of my faves. I thought it would make a fun blog post, so here I am today to show you my new bag and what I carry around in it. I think it's human nature to be a bit nosey! A lot of us cart around huge bags and you can see our partners thinking 'what the hell does she need a bag that big for? Is she taking the kitchen sink out with us!?' Every time I go out I tell myself I won't take much, but I end up taking a lot, and my bag is really heavy. From chewing gum to a huge heavy camera, my bag is always filled to capacity, so I thought I would give you a little tour!

* But first the bag!


My current bag is from Boutique of Molly They have some lovely clothes & accessories available, but as soon as I saw the Cairo bag I knew it was the one! My bag arrived quickly in a cute pink parcel which I liked, as it made it more girly and special. I like little touches like that! Whenever I buy a bag online I like to hang it up for about a week to let it get some shape back, as bags can get creased in the post. The Cairo bag is very well made and good quality. I love the look of it, the design of it reminds me a bit of a Louis Vuitton checkered bag. It has a nice strong zip which I like because I always worry that when my bag isn't shut properly I am basically inviting people to steal from it! Inside it has 4 pockets including two zipped which I really like as it keeps girly things for that time of the month secure and hidden. The metal work on the bag is gold which I think adds a little pop of interest against the black and brown. I normally would like a long shoulder strap as well as the handles, but being a bag collector I already have a few kicking about that would match this bag, so I can just attach one of those if I ever want one. It's very comfy to wear and the sturdy handles fit nicely over the crook of my arm. The design is the sort you could wear casual or as a going out bag. As a self-confessed bag lover, I would highly recommend the Cairo bag and Boutique of Molly!

Okay, now what exactly am I lugging around in this gorgeous bag?


I will probably do another post about what's in my makeup bag in more detail. I never go out without it. I like to be able to top my makeup up throughout the day. I put everything in this sleek makeup bag which I got free as part of a promotion in Superdrug in December. It's big enough for what I need, but it's not too bulky.

A Body Spray

This has been a bag staple of mine since high school and I've pretty much always used Impulse. It's nice to have a little spray throughout the day to freshen up. Taking perfume out can be heavy and there's always the worry that the bottle will break. Impulse have such an array of scents and I enjoy trying them all.

My Diary and pen

My little pink diary goes everywhere with me, my medication can make my memory a little fuzzy so I need to be able to write everything down so I remember what I am doing with my life! This is especially helpful in the fast paced world of blogging to keep tracks of post ideas, emails and things I need to remember to buy and do. I then have a big blogging diary at home which everything gets transferred into which lives in my office.

My iPhone

I literally take this everywhere I go. At times I worry that I am too dependent on my phone, but I don't care! I am about to open an Etsy shop, I illustrate books and I blog (obviously) so I need my phone to keep tabs on everything. iphones still amaze me. I've watched phones progress through the years, from when only a few people had them in early 90's and as kids, we would gather around in amazement at someone's massive phone, to now, when you're basically carrying a mini-computer around with you!

Hand Sanitiser

I have OCD with germs and to me, hand sanitiser is the only thing that will make my hands feel cleaner. In fact, I will wash my hands, dry them, then use hand sanitiser! I have a bottle in every room of my house and get through them very quickly. This is an absolute must for me if I am going out.

My Glasses

When I finally got my glasses a couple of years ago I vowed I would never wear them out and they were just for indoors. But I am finding that I am now wearing them out more frequently, as the more I use them the more I realise that when I don't, I really can't see a thing. If I were to bump into a friend, I wouldn't know until they were in front of me!

Lip Balm

I know this counts as something in my makeup bag, but this gets a section to itself. If you've read my blog before you might know that I am obsessed with lip balm. I cannot deal with having dry lips, it's become an obsession, I actually get panicky! I often have to give in with liquid lipstick after half an hour and slick on some lip balm, because I just cannot handle the dryness anymore. I get through a tube of Nivea original lip balm a month. So yeah, that's embarrassing to admit!

Hand Cream

I use hand sanitiser so much and it can dry my hands out, so it's nice to have a cream to pop on.

My Blogging Camera

The camera isn't pictured because I was using it! I've introduced my camera back into my bag since December. However a few years ago it used to go everywhere with me as I loved taking photos, I am now getting to grips with all the settings once again. This is something else I don't go anywhere without, you never know when a camera opportunity may present itself!

My Wallet

This wallet is from Primark. I can't find the exact one online to link I'm sorry. It's so pretty and was so inexpensive.
Hair Brush

I recently got a new smaller hair brush from Primark to keep in my bag, because my other brush is huge. Plus it's pink so...!

Chewing Gum

As well as giving you minty fresh breath, I also find that chewing when I have anxiety can sometimes give me something to focus on, weird I know but it helps a little!

And believe it or not this is just the absolute basics, depending on where I go I might take more. Reading back through that list, it's no wonder I have back problems!

What do you take out in your bag? Let me know below.

* Boutique of Molly contacted me and offered me 30% off my bag in return for an honest review. But all opinions are my own.

Love Roar Dinosaur!

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