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Saturday, 13 May 2017

A Day At Donington Historic Festival

I was brought up by parents who love motorsport. I still have toy cars my Dad gave me when I was little and I can remember my parents and I watching the tragic passing of our favourite driver Ayrton Senna. We always watch the F1 and my dad has worked with cars since he was a teenager, nowadays he works on prestigious cars and knows pretty much everything there is to know about them. So it's no surprise that I also have a passion for cars. While I am no expert like my Dad, I still love them.
When I was offered the chance to go to the Donington Historic Festival last month as part of the blogger panel I jumped at the chance. I asked my Dad to go with me and we excitedly planned our day. This was the 7th Donington Historic Festival and there was a great selection of race grids, displays and demonstrations. The on-track action spanned eight decades and the event ran over 3 days, a day of qualifying on the Friday and two full days of racing on the Saturday and Sunday. We attended the Saturday.
This year marks the 40th anniversary of when the circuit was re-opened for racing at Donington Park thanks to the late Tom Wheatcroft. Some of the action-packed weekend included the attendance of 60 car clubs such as Club Lotus, Mazda MX5 Club, Porsche Club GB and Mercedes-Benz Club who displayed the cars they were passionate about. You were able to get up close to the cars and take photos as well as talk to the club representatives and ask questions. On the 'tarmac lake,' there were passenger rides in period rally cars. You could also get involved by learning stunt driving with Paul Swift (more on that later!) as well as demonstration sessions from the British Historic Kart Club. Visitors also had the chance to have a go at drifting a Caterham or get in the passenger seat for a drift ride. You could also take a look at the stunning Donington Grand Prix Collection. The Sporting Bears Motor Club gave visitors 10-mile passenger rides on public roads in the Donington Park area in one of their classic and sports cars in exchange for donations to a charity.
When we got to the Donington Historic Festival we were warmly welcomed up in the media suite. I was quite nervous as this was the first time I was attending something as a blogger, my nerves soon disappeared as we began walking around in awe with the other car enthusiasts.

The first thing we did was to watch the HSCC Super Touring Car Challenge for 1970-2000 Touring Cars. We were close to the track and excitedly watched. After the race, we saw some of the drivers including Touring Car Champion Colin Turkington.

As we walked around the paddocks my Dad was able to tell me lots of information about all the cars we saw. It was great to learn about them. I loved seeing the vast array of cars and how they have changed over the years. There were some really stunning ones. I wish I could include them all in this post. We were among a few of the lucky people who got to photograph Champion Andrew Jordan.

This year the theme at Donington Historic Festival was to get involved. One of the ways you could do that was to volunteer to drive in the Paul Swift stunt cars. (Paul Swift is the man behind the Top Gear Live stunts.) Before the stunt show, two volunteers from the public had a mini stunt experience alongside the professionals. They learned how to J-turn and drift a car through 360 degrees. Then it was over to Paul and the team who showcased some manoeuvres and then they did an Italian Job inspired performance which was both funny and really entertaining.

There were lots of great stalls such as 195 mph Ltd, Second Skin and Millingtons Models among others. And numerous food areas. Something I noticed was how clean the whole site was. There were so many people in attendance but it was kept immaculate. The whole day was so well organised. I saw all ages there and each person was smiling and having a great time.

 We watched the U2TC for Pre-'66 Under Two-litre Touring Cars' race while we stood eating our lunch, probably the most exciting lunch I've ever had! 
Then later we saw the HSCC Historic Formula 2 FIA International Race Series. These single-seater racing cars were so loud and exciting to watch.
We had the most amazing time, there was so much to see. I want to say a MASSIVE thank you for inviting us and giving us a fantastic day. I highly recommend these events, they are so well organised and there is so much to do and see. I can totally understand why some people attend all three days! My parents and I are hoping to go back to the Donington Historic Festival next year. Sorry this blog post is pic heavy but there were too many beautiful cars not to include them!
* I was sent tickets to attend the Donington Historic Festival in exchange for a blog post detailing my day. However, this has not influenced my opinion in any way.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub Review

I love scrubs so I was very excited when Naturelle Cosmetics kindly sent me one of their Royal Coffee Scrubs to test out. They sent me the scrub with Tea Tree which is so good for your skin. Naturelle Cosmetics is a nature-sourced cosmetics brand who offer body and skin care, soap, mineral makeup, hair care, mother and baby, men's products and oils etc.
" Naturelle Cosmetics is a private, family-owned and operated business based in UK that aims at popularizing natural and organic beauty products in Europe. Through the years, it has been our obsession and passion to offer you only nature-sourced cosmetic products, bringing you only the purest products from organic, certified farms in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom. "
100% organic, paraben-free, vegan products
Certified products (Ecocert, Organic Farmers and Growers UK Certification, Parabens Free, Vegan and Cosmebio)
Worldwide shipping
Regular discount coupons and offers (sent via email)
Fair trade practices
Recyclable packaging
All products NOT tested on animals
Ideal for vegetarians
Low carbon footprint

The first thing I noticed is you get a lot of product for your money and the pouch closes to keep it fresh. The packaging is also recyclable which is great too! I found a little of the scrub goes a long way.
To apply it's best to wet the skin prior to applying so the scrub sticks to the skin as otherwise, it will fall off. Coffee scrubs can be messy to apply so I'd advise standing in the bath or shower when using. You don't need to harshly scrub at your skin with the product, I found gently rubbing it in then rinsing off gave great results.

My skin felt lovely afterwards, really soft and moisturised. It's good to use on my legs after shaving to get rid of possible ingrown hairs and I feel like it helps with the appearance of cellulite too. I also use on my arms and hands and any dry areas. You can also use it on your face. It's lovely knowing that the product is completely organic and natural. All the oils used are good at removing dirt and help with exfoliation, all without harsh damage to your skin.
The only slight downside for me would be the smell which I didn't really like, however, I am not a huge fan of the scent of Coffee or Tea Tree. There are others to try in the range though such as Cinnamon Vanilla, Chocolate Orange, Coconut, Lavender Mint or Ylang Ylang. I also would of liked some instructions or information about the scrub on the back of the pack, but that's just my personal preference. 
I really enjoyed using this and still have a lot more to continue using. I highly recommend this product and all natural company!
You can buy Naturelle Cosmetics products Here
* I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I would always advise that you make sure you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients before purchasing.

Love Roar Dinosaur!
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The Amazing £4 Primark Foundation Brush

I remember seeing the Artis Brushes on Youtube and once I'd gotten over how weird they looked I couldn't believe how well and effortlessly they applied liquid foundation. I really wanted one but when I saw the prices of them I knew I'd never be able to afford them.
When I was in Primark recently I was browsing their makeup section and saw the PS Pro Large Blending Brush which looked very similar to the Artis Brushes. Even though I hadn't got much money I decided to buy it as it was only £4. I'll be completely honest, I didn't have very high hopes for it, I thought it would do a crap job at blending my foundation and I assumed the bristles would shed. How wrong was I?
I really like a more densely packed brush when applying my foundation and this brush is very dense but it is also extremely soft and glides over your face. It blends my foundation really quickly, probably the quickest out of my other brushes or beauty blender. The oval shape is great for going around the eyebrows and curves of the eyes and nose. I'd go as far to say that right now, this is probably my go to foundation brush. I absolutely love it! It also does a great job at blending concealer too.
Another huge plus is that when I washed the brush I noticed barely any product came out, whereas my other brushes and beauty blender have loads of excess foundation and take a while to wash. Maybe because the bristles are so densely packed together the majority of the product sits on top inside of soaking into the brush?
There was only one downside and that was because the handle is quite flexible it has the potential to break quite easily. So you have to be quite gentle with it. I rest my finger on the back of the brush to give it some support when applying my foundation and it makes the brush feel a bit more stable. It's only £4 so there has to be at least one downside!

Get yours Here
Do you have the PS Pro Large Blending Brush? What do you think of it? Let me know below!

Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Saturday, 6 May 2017

Falling for the Rebel Princess - Book Review

Falling for the Rebel Princess by Ellie Darkins
Ellie Darkins very kindly sent me her latest book to read and review. I really loved this book. It centres around Charlie, the rebellious Princess of Afland, who left her homeland and royal obligations in pursuit of a more normal life in London and a career in the music industry. Charlie feels unworthy of the title of Princess due to a secret she's been carrying around with her for many years.
Charlie is sent to Vegas to try and persuade Joe Kavanagh's band to sign with the record label she works for. After his concert, while Charlie and the band are partying, Joe drops down on bended knee in an over the top rock star move and proposes to Charlie. Nobody expects her to say yes, but the impulsive and reckless Charlie agrees. The spontaneous duo marries in a Vegas chapel and wakes up the next morning full of regret.
Over breakfast, Joe suggests that maybe this hasty joke of a marriage could actually work in their favour. The attention from the press could help gain publicity for the record company and his band before their new album is released and Charlie wouldn't have to marry some sensible aristocrat that her parents might have lined up for her back home.
As the story progresses the two can't deny the crazy connection between them but Joe can't imagine how they would ever work as a real couple, their backgrounds are too different. He'd had a horrible experience with an ex-girlfriend also from a moneyed background who used him to get at her family. And Charlie was told she may never have children and when you are a royal that is something that is expected of you. She assumes if she tells her family then they won't want her anymore and the same goes for any man she gets close too. If they agree to give their marriage a real go, will their different backgrounds and Charlie's secret prove too much..? 
  I found myself really connecting to Charlie, as someone who might not be able to have children either I understand how it can make you feel. Obviously, I am not a royal, but I can imagine the pressure of having to reproduce to continue the family line and not being able too would be both stressful and heart-breaking.
 I liked that the two main characters were both a little rough around the edges and rock n roll, as opposed to the usual characters in romance novels. You wouldn't normally expect a princess to be a mixture of Debbie Harry and Kate Moss! As a music lover myself I loved that music played such a huge role in this story, it brought Joe and Charlie together, and that shared interest plus their mutual attraction helped to bond them. I also liked the way the story is told from both viewpoints, it's always interesting to see how both characters perceive the same situation. I really recommend this story if you like romance but want something a little different from the norm!
Thank you Ellie, I loved your book and can't wait to read more of your work!
You can get yourself a copy Here
* I was sent this book in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
 Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Friday, 5 May 2017

Book review: Conveniently Wed To The Greek

Conveniently Wed To The Greek by Kandy Shepherd
I enjoyed this book and read it in two sittings. The story centres around two characters, Dell and Alex.
The two dislike each other at the start of the book due to Dell publishing a scathing review three years earlier of one Alex's beloved restaurants which resulted in him suing the newspaper she worked for, however, the judge ruled in her favour. Alex then threatened to ruin her career.
Alex and Dell bump into each other and try and be civil with one another. Alex is a changed man from how he was three years earlier, after losing his Fiancée in a tragic situation and with his life spiralling out of control his Father intervened and sent him back to his native Greek village to be among his family, here he gained a new perspective and realised he needed to change. 
After bumping into each other again, Alex overhears that Dell has lost her job at the newspaper in Sydney and only has her Blog for income. Feeling bad and wanting to make amends, Alex offers Dell a job working as his Publicity Director at his new exclusive well-being resort on a private island. Reluctant at first Dell then excitedly agrees until Alex mentions the resort is in Greece! Dell then has to decline as she is carrying a secret.
There is a chance Dell could be pregnant due to having a final round of IVF after her marriage ended in divorce. After declining Alex's offer of a job Dell thinks that her period has started and that the IVF has failed once again. She calls Alex and asks if the job is still available and accepts.  
Two weeks later she lands in Greece ready to start her new job. Within a few weeks, she starts getting terrible seasickness on her daily commute by boat over to the island where the resort is. Worried, Alex sends her to the Dr to ask for some sea sick tablets. However, the Dr tells Dell she is in fact pregnant. Shocked but happy, Dell tells Alex that if he'd like her to go back to Sydney she will. However, he persuades her to stay and work for him instead. 
As time goes by the attraction between them grows and they share a kiss, but neither of them wants to pursue a romance after their past and there is the baby to think about. So they both agree to never talk about it again. At a family birthday party, Alex's parents tell him that his Father has cancer and his last wish is to see his son married. His whole family assume that he and Dell are a couple due to the amount of time they spend together and that her growing baby bump is his!
Wanting to grant his Fathers last wish, Alex asks Dell to marry him as a business arrangement and in return, he will help her with much-needed money that she needs to pay off debts and look after her baby. All they have to do is stay married for a year and keep their true feelings out of it...
I really enjoyed reading this. I haven't read anything by Kandy Shepherd before but I am keen to read more. From the title, I assumed the two would have a fling and Dell would get pregnant and they'd get married for convenience. So the twist of her being pregnant by IVF was an interesting twist. The change in Alex through the book from being quite cold at the start to being more open was nice to see, I felt he had been on a huge journey. I also enjoyed how the importance of family played a huge role in the story too.
You can get your copy Here
* I was kindly sent this book in exchange for an honest review. However this didn't effect the outcome of my review. All views are my own.

Love Roar Dinosaur!
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Monday, 1 May 2017

A look back at April, the month of highs and lows

Hi Everyone,
April was a month of ups and downs for me. For someone who rarely goes out, I went out ALOT last month. Just before the last week in April I was fraught with Anxiety and depression as I had so much work to catch up on due to being on holiday for the first week, then my Great Aunt passed away. Even though I had only met her a few times when I was younger it really got to me and dragged me down even further. I took the last week off and away from blogging and illustration work to focus on family, my mental health and going to the funeral. So if you tried to contact me last week and I haven't replied yet I am very sorry. 
April wasn't all doom and gloom though, I went away on holiday the first week to Llandudno which was great. You can see my photos Here I'd had a lot of reviews to do in March on the blog for people who had sent me things and I found the amount I had to do quite stressful, so a holiday was just what I needed.
Saturday I was lucky enough to go to Donington Historic Festival as part of their blogger panel (a blog post will follow soon) I had gone to my Great Aunts funeral the day before so I was feeling quite down. I took my Dad with me and it ended up being just the day we both needed and it lifted our spirits significantly. I have been bought up in a house of car lovers so I really loved it and want to go back next year!
Also in April my Husband and I went to a Richard Ashcroft concert which was amazing. His music has helped me through some of the darkest times in my life, so to hear those songs sung live was incredible. Richard's performance was faultless and I really hope to see him live again someday. We stayed overnight in Birmingham and did some shopping and had a look around. My anxiety wasn't too bad thankfully but I do find things like that difficult. However, I promised myself at the start of the year I wanted to try and experience more this year and I think I am achieving it so far!
How was April for you? Let me know below!
Love Roar Dinosaur!

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Holiday in Wales - a Photo Diary

Hi Everyone,

I had such a lovely break away to Llandudno this month. We had great weather and I actually relaxed, yes that's right, the woman who never relaxes actually relaxed! We visited the Great Orme Copper Mines, which for a history lover like myself was amazing! If I could buy the holiday cottage we stayed at, I would. Everything was perfect!

Anyway, here are some snaps I took for the blog to share our holiday with you! (I think it goes without saying this post will be pic heavy)



Great Orme Bronze Age Copper Mines ^
This guy had a full on photo shoot, he was posing and everything!

We had the pier to ourselves one evening and we shot some photos for a blog post.

I am ending with this photo, because even though it's not the best photo in the world, it marks a moment for me when I was relaxed, calm and happy. Three things I rarely experience.
Have you been on holiday this year or are you planning on going away? Let me know below!
Love Roar Dinosaur!

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