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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Naturelle Cosmetics Royal Coffee Scrub Review

I love scrubs so I was very excited when Naturelle Cosmetics kindly sent me one of their Royal Coffee Scrubs to test out. They sent me the scrub with Tea Tree which is so good for your skin. Naturelle Cosmetics is a nature-sourced cosmetics brand who offer body and skin care, soap, mineral makeup, hair care, mother and baby, men's products and oils etc.
" Naturelle Cosmetics is a private, family-owned and operated business based in UK that aims at popularizing natural and organic beauty products in Europe. Through the years, it has been our obsession and passion to offer you only nature-sourced cosmetic products, bringing you only the purest products from organic, certified farms in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom. "
100% organic, paraben-free, vegan products
Certified products (Ecocert, Organic Farmers and Growers UK Certification, Parabens Free, Vegan and Cosmebio)
Worldwide shipping
Regular discount coupons and offers (sent via email)
Fair trade practices
Recyclable packaging
All products NOT tested on animals
Ideal for vegetarians
Low carbon footprint

The first thing I noticed is you get a lot of product for your money and the pouch closes to keep it fresh. The packaging is also recyclable which is great too! I found a little of the scrub goes a long way.
To apply it's best to wet the skin prior to applying so the scrub sticks to the skin as otherwise, it will fall off. Coffee scrubs can be messy to apply so I'd advise standing in the bath or shower when using. You don't need to harshly scrub at your skin with the product, I found gently rubbing it in then rinsing off gave great results.

My skin felt lovely afterwards, really soft and moisturised. It's good to use on my legs after shaving to get rid of possible ingrown hairs and I feel like it helps with the appearance of cellulite too. I also use on my arms and hands and any dry areas. You can also use it on your face. It's lovely knowing that the product is completely organic and natural. All the oils used are good at removing dirt and help with exfoliation, all without harsh damage to your skin.
The only slight downside for me would be the smell which I didn't really like, however, I am not a huge fan of the scent of Coffee or Tea Tree. There are others to try in the range though such as Cinnamon Vanilla, Chocolate Orange, Coconut, Lavender Mint or Ylang Ylang. I also would of liked some instructions or information about the scrub on the back of the pack, but that's just my personal preference. 
I really enjoyed using this and still have a lot more to continue using. I highly recommend this product and all natural company!
You can buy Naturelle Cosmetics products Here
* I was sent this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. I would always advise that you make sure you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients before purchasing.

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