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Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Amazing £4 Primark Foundation Brush

I remember seeing the Artis Brushes on Youtube and once I'd gotten over how weird they looked I couldn't believe how well and effortlessly they applied liquid foundation. I really wanted one but when I saw the prices of them I knew I'd never be able to afford them.
When I was in Primark recently I was browsing their makeup section and saw the PS Pro Large Blending Brush which looked very similar to the Artis Brushes. Even though I hadn't got much money I decided to buy it as it was only £4. I'll be completely honest, I didn't have very high hopes for it, I thought it would do a crap job at blending my foundation and I assumed the bristles would shed. How wrong was I?
I really like a more densely packed brush when applying my foundation and this brush is very dense but it is also extremely soft and glides over your face. It blends my foundation really quickly, probably the quickest out of my other brushes or beauty blender. The oval shape is great for going around the eyebrows and curves of the eyes and nose. I'd go as far to say that right now, this is probably my go to foundation brush. I absolutely love it! It also does a great job at blending concealer too.
Another huge plus is that when I washed the brush I noticed barely any product came out, whereas my other brushes and beauty blender have loads of excess foundation and take a while to wash. Maybe because the bristles are so densely packed together the majority of the product sits on top inside of soaking into the brush?
There was only one downside and that was because the handle is quite flexible it has the potential to break quite easily. So you have to be quite gentle with it. I rest my finger on the back of the brush to give it some support when applying my foundation and it makes the brush feel a bit more stable. It's only £4 so there has to be at least one downside!

Get yours Here
Do you have the PS Pro Large Blending Brush? What do you think of it? Let me know below!

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