About Me & Disclaimer

About Me & Disclaimer

Hi there,
Welcome to my blog!
This blog began in September 2016. I wanted to create somewhere that I could talk about the passions I have and also about things that interest me.
I suffer with anxiety and depression and don't often get to go out and meet others, so my blog is somewhere that I can call mine and communicate with others who have the same interests as me.
I'm afraid I have no photo of myself to share here, I am an anonymous blogger. But I'd love to share some facts about myself with you:
1. I'm a book illustrator
2. I am nearly 30 years old!
3. I am Plus Size
4. I love reading
5. My favourite times of year are Halloween and Christmas!
I really hope you enjoy my Blog, if you would like to contact me please email me:


* Anything sent out to me to be reviewed shall be clearly stated so at the end of the post
* Any reviews I write are my own honest opinions
* I have creative freedom over review wording and images
* Unless previously discussed there is no deadline when a post is published when reviewing a product
* Please contact me on the email above

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